Providing Consultations and Expert Dietetic Advice:


- Weight Management
- Eating Disorders
- Diabetes
- Food Allergies
- Infant and Child Nutrition
- Maternal Nutrition
- Neonatal Nutrition

- Sports Nutrition

Top Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle:


- Eat lots of fruit and veg
- Eat more fish
- Cut down on saturated fats
- Reduce sugar intake
- Try to eat less salt
- Get active
- Drink plenty of water
- Don't skip breakfast

Inspire Dietetic Consultancy

Promoting Health and Wellbeing through Nutrition



Kate provides a consultation service for adults and children with a range of conditions.

The consultations are individually tailored to help clients make practical, realistic changes to their diets and their lifestyle.

The location of consultations is flexible and Kate can provide home visits for both the initial and follow up consultations.


The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a 1 hour session that involves taking a full dietary assessment. The dietary assessment will look at the following:

  • Individuals' eating habits and meal pattern
  • Food and nutrient intake
  • Lifestyle, including physical activity
  • Medical history
  • Family and Social history

Measurements of weight and height will be conducted at the initial assessment to help assess nutritional status.

As part of the assessment process, a computer analysis of you or your child's nutritional intake can be conducted to highlight any nutritional deficiencies if required.

This information will then provide a clear insight into the individual's diet and lifestyle and this will help tailor the dietary advice to suit the individual.


Follow-up Consultations

Follow up consultations will aim to review progress and give further help and advice as appropriate. The clients indvidual care plan will be assessed to review progress towards goals and targets.

Measurements will also be conducted to compare any change in nutritional status and these will help to refine the care plan with updated goals and targets.